April 14, 2021

Spearheaded by Kampgrounds of America ownership, The Yellow Whistle™ promotes protection and solidarity beginning April 19

KOA NEWS SERVICE (Apr. 14, 2021) – In the wake of recent acts of violence and harassment targeting the Asian community, Kampgrounds of America, Inc. (KOA) owners Oscar Tang and Agnes Hsu-Tang are spearheading a new initiative. Beginning April 19, yellow whistles with the words “We Belong” will be distributed through a network of community-based organizations and KOA campgrounds to bring awareness to and help eliminate violence toward Asian Americans.

The Yellow Whistle™ campaign is a symbol of self-protection and solidarity in the fight against historical discrimination and anti-Asian violence. A seemingly simple gadget, the whistle serves a universal purpose – to signal alarm and call for help – for all Americans.

“In recent months, I have been very concerned about the attacks on Asian Americans which have been taking place across the country,” said Oscar Tang, owner of KOA. “In an attempt to do something about it, we’ve come up with The Yellow Whistle™ as a way to help.”

According to Agnes Hsu-Tang, who wrote the mission statement, “In nature, Yellow is the color of daffodils and sunflowers, signaling the advent of spring, brining hope, optimism, and enlightenment.  In America, yellow has been weaponized against Asians as the color of xenophobia.”

“One of KOA’s core beliefs is that the outdoors is fun and for everyone,” said Toby O’Rourke, KOA president and CEO. “To join our ownership in sharing this message is not only meaningful, but important.”

In partnership with The Yellow Whistle™, whistles will be offered free to the public at select KOA locations as well as at network of partners including the New-York Historical Society. Whistles are intended to be carried as often as possible and are to be used to alert the public to danger. If you hear a whistle, call 911.

“As an American, I have always been very proud of my association with KOA,” Tang said. “KOA is an all-American company that provides a gateway for all Americans to venture forth into the outdoors and see our beautiful country.”

Oscar Tang and his family have owned Kampgrounds of America since 1980.

To learn about The Yellow Whistle™, visit theyellowwhistle.org.

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