September 26, 2023

KOA’s second signing of the pledge extends their commitment to advancing diversity, equity and inclusion, corporate social responsibility in outdoor hospitality

BILLINGS, Mont. (Sept. 26, 2023) – Kampgrounds of America (KOA), a leader in outdoor hospitality, is thrilled to announce its steadfast dedication to corporate social responsibility (CSR) through the recent submission of its 2023 Outdoor CEO Pledge Report. This milestone showcases KOA’s unwavering commitment to enhancing the camping experience while championing diversity, sustainability and accessibility.

“The Outdoor CEO Pledge marked our initial stride in the journey toward learning about and focusing work on diversity, equity and inclusion,” noted Toby O’Rourke, president and CEO of Kampgrounds of America, Inc. “Since that initial pledge, we’ve forged a comprehensive Corporate Social Responsibility initiative, bringing together our DEI, sustainability and philanthropy work. Our vision intertwines these pillars, purposefully ensuring the great outdoors is, and remains, accessible for generations to come.”

Within the report, Kampgrounds of America, Inc. highlights many noteworthy initiatives that underscore its dedication to CSR:

Kampgrounds of America Foundation: A significant milestone in KOA’s CSR journey is the establishment of the Kampgrounds of America Foundation. This foundation is funded by 1% of pre-tax profits and is dedicated to supporting the company’s mission of enriching lives through memorable outdoor experiences.

Get Out There Bag: In collaboration with ANKER, KOA has launched the “Get Out There Bag” initiative, aimed at enabling minority youth to embrace the great outdoors.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI): In 2023 and 2024, KOA will continue its DEI work with an added emphasis on accessibility. This initiative will produce industry reports, accessible campground designs, and revamped HR initiatives, reflecting KOA’s commitment to making outdoor adventures inclusive. Notably, the 2023 North American Outdoor Hospitality and Camping Report reveals that 4-in-10 campers have some form of physical limitation, underscoring the importance of making outdoor experiences accessible to all.

Gold LEED Certification: KOA is raising the bar for sustainability by achieving Gold LEED Certification for its new corporate headquarters, scheduled to open in October 2023 in Billings, Mont.

Solar-Powered “Recharge Stations”: To reduce environmental impact, KOA is implementing solar-powered “Recharge Stations” across campgrounds, providing sustainable power options coupled with seating to benefit both campground design and camper experience.

EV Charging Solutions: In alignment with the global shift towards electric vehicles, KOA is actively working on EV charging solutions and eco-conscious campground architecture to facilitate sustainable travel choices for campers.

“At KOA, corporate social responsibility is not just a duty; it’s a passion that connects us to our overall mission of connecting people to the outdoors and each other,” said Whitney Scott, head of corporate social responsibility at Kampgrounds of America, Inc. “We are dedicated to creating access to the outdoors, preserving the outdoors for all and supporting the communities where we work and live across the U.S. and Canada.”

Kampgrounds of America, Inc.’s commitment to CSR not only aligns with its core values but also responds to the evolving expectations of campers who seek sustainable, inclusive and memorable outdoor experiences. As the industry leader, KOA continues to set new standards for outdoor hospitality by innovating with intention.

Read more about KOA’s initiatives and access the full report here: KOA’s Initiatives and Report.



Kampgrounds of America, Inc. has been the definitive leader in outdoor hospitality for more than 60 years. United under the mission of “connecting people to the outdoors and each other,” the company consists of two unique brands: KOA and Terramor Outdoor Resorts. KOA, the world’s largest system of privately-owned, open-to-the-public campgrounds, consists of more than 500 franchised and owned campgrounds. With unrivaled brand visibility, KOA also offers campground owners and operators unparalleled support in campground education, design, recruitment, marketing and technology. Terramor Outdoor Resorts, a glamping venture, opened its first flagship property in Bar Harbor, Maine in 2020.  Literally meaning ‘Love of Land,” the brand focuses on delivering a refined and upscale outdoor experience. For more information, visit KOA.com and TerramorOutdoorResort.com.